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Don’t Waste your time wading through hundreds of news articles just to find the good stuff. Trendy News serves up the news that everyone is searching for. Get the top news subjects that everyone is searching for right on your Android phone or tablet without wading through the boring stuff.

Very fast loading
Very small application
Simple to use
News always up to date

1. Once the app comes up, scroll through the list of news and read the short version.
2. If one of the articles interests you, tap photo or title and the full article will load.
3. To get back to the list, tap your phone/tablets back button at the top.
4. To exit Trendy News, tap your back button and choose “Yes”.

Nothing could be simpler. You are now up to date with all the latest greatest news that everyone is searching for.

100% Free. Ad supported.

With Trendy News, “Now You Know”

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