Sheep Drop – A Free Android Game

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Enter the World of High Tech Sheep Herding!

Sheep Drop is an arcade style game that will keep you on your toes. It features real world physics that control the “critters”, fun music and great sound effects. Drop your sheep from the sky and try to guide them into the stalls at the bottom of the screen. They will hit obstacles on the way down collecting points. Each containment stall has a bonus value that adds to the score also.

Keep the mutant sheep afloat in the air by “bumping” them, trying to gain as many points as you can. Be careful though, Every time you bump one of the sheep, you take away a bit of their life. You will also need to watch out for the wolves. They will bite the sheep and eventually kill them if you let them. You have a life meter at the top of the screen that will help you judge your sheeps’ health.

You start off on some easy missions and they get a bit more complicated as the game progresses. The obstacles and game play change around every 3 levels so it keeps things interesting. You are shown what stalls you need to place your sheep in to complete the mission at the start of the mission.

I’m a one man developer and I am adding on more levels as the game progresses and actively supporting the game. Right now there is 23 missions to drive you crazy (or relax with,… however it affects you).

Give it a try. Have fun playing the game and tell your friends!

*This is an ad supported app which displays a small banner at the bottom of the screen only. No popup ads or other type will bother you.

The only permissions required are the normal permissions for the ads to display.

Get It on Google Play

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