Shapus – A Puzzle Game for Android

A NEW free puzzle game that challenges you to create the shape or pattern shown to you. Touching tiles on the playing area changes the color of the tile you touched. You must match the shape or pattern by changing the color of the tiles.It’s really easy at first but as levels progress, more colors are added. You only have so much time per level/shape to complete the shape or pattern. See how far you can go!All you have to do is match the shape or pattern,… If You Can. 🙂
Multiple Levels
Works on Phones and Tablets
Great Music and Sound Effects
Remembers your level and score if you leave the game.
Small install size
Starts off easy, gets harder with each level
Removes itself completely from memory when ending the game, freeing up precious memoryDirections:
Tap tiles on the large playfield of tiles to change their color.
Try to make the bottom playfield match the color of the tiles at the top display.
You cannot hit the same tile twice in a row.
You can leave the game after a pattern is complete by tapping Quit or by pressing the BACK button anytime on your phone or tablet.
You can reset the game back to the first level by tapping your phone or tablet’s MENU key and choosing “YES”.
timeoutnormalplay master-screen

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