Lighted Mirror with Flashlight – Android App

Available on Google Play

Lighted Mirror with Flashlight and Camera. Very, very small app that does a lot. Nothing fancy but very functional and practical.

Need to see your face in the dark? The app will light your face up and act as a mirror so you can see your face in the dark. There are four light color modes for seeing yourself in different types of light.

Like how you look? Then snap a photo just by hitting the snap button. Your gallery should pick up and be able to show the photos you took.

Need a quick flashlight? Just touch the light bulb and the whole screen turns white giving you plenty of light to find what you are looking for.

This app requires a front facing camera. It’s also ad supported with a small banner ad at the bottom only. No popups or in app purchases. Permissions are all mainly for ad support.

*Note – the quality of the mirror is in direct proportion to the quality of your camera on your phone or tablet. If you have a good camera, you will get a great result. A less than par camera will be dark.

Available on Google Play

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