DICE for Any Game – Free Android App

Available on Google Play

An electronic set of dice for any of your games that require dice. Replace your little white cubes with an electronic version. Never lose a dice again. No dice bouncing off your table. Adds a new exciting and fun level to your standard board games that use dice.

The Pucktronics Dice app provides you with a simple to use set of dice you can use for any game that uses dice. You can choose between 1 to 6 dice to use for any game you have that requires dice. Just choose the amount of dice you want and tap one of the dice to roll. Really simple and easy to use.

If you want to hold one or more dice, just hold down on the dice until it turns gray. Do that for each dice you want to hold then roll. To unhold a dice, just hold down on it again or tap the unhold button.

The total of all of the dice on the screen is displayed in the lower right hand corner.

Small and lightweight app
Very easy to use
Choose from 1 up to 6 dice
Hold or Unhold individual dice
Total of all dice displayed
Set the amount of dice once, tap any dice on screen to roll at any time
Works on phones and tablets
Replaces dice from any dice game (up to 6 dice)
Keeps screen on during use

This app is ad support with a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen. No pop up ads will disturb your gameplay. Net work permissions are required for the ads only, not the dice.
Phone permissions are required to keep screen on during use.

Available on Google Play

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