CheeseBox Lite – Android App

Available on google play store

The ultimate tool to get babies and toddlers attetion when photographing them. An absolute necessity if you take portraits of babies or toddlers.

Finding it hard to take photos of babies and toddlers? Can’t get their attention? CheeseBox will. Tested with many babies and toddlers, CheeseBox will command their attention and get them to look right at the camera. Really great for photographers and Parents alike.

CheeseBox is not another camera app. It does not take photos at all. What CheeseBox does and does well is to get your child’s attention and it does. It attracts a child to look wherever you hold your Android device. If you hold it next to a camera lens, you will get the perfect photo with the child looking right at the camera.

CheeseBox Lite displays colorful faces to the child while playing sound effects that babies and toddlers love. The Full version also has more faces and also shapes. Every time you tilt your Android device to the left or right, a new picture is shown with a new sound effect. It’s keeps the child’s attention while you snap the photo or portrait. It’s a 21st century version of “Look at the Birdie” except more captivating for the child.

If your Android device does not support the tilting action, you can just tap the screen once to get a new picture and sound effect everytime you tap.

You start by bringing up the app and then holding your device close to the child to get their attention. Once they are looking at it back away to get your shot, all the while, tilting it left and right to have a new picture and sound effect to keep the child interested. Once you move the device close to your camera lens, snap the photo.

I photograph children all the time and thought there had to be a good way to capture a baby or toddler’s attention. This led to the development of CheeseBox and CheeseBox has worked so much better than I ever imagined.

CheeseBox will even stop a lot of fussy babies and toddlers from crying or fussing. Every fussy baby I’ve tried it with stopped crying immediately and started watching the screen. There probably will be exceptions since all babies are not made alike but it has worked for me every time.

* Very easy To use
* Shake for new picture
or tap screen for new picture
* No complicated controls
* Multlple sound effects
(Full version has twice as many sound effects)
* (Full Version has Two style of pictures:
Faces or Colorful Shapes)
Lite version has some of the faces, not all
* Doesn’t use much memory
* Keeps child interested
* Sound effects babies and toddlers love
* Full version has no ADs

Available on google play store

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